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About Beyond Armarna

Beyond Armarna is a young and energetic film and television company with a strong focus into China and South East Asia. Having recently incorporated in 2017, Beyond Armarna has already established connections into Beijing, Los Angeles, London and Bangkok; with negotiations well underway with Australian television networks and distribution companies. We’re based in the Beyond studios in Sydney, Australia.

Beyond Armarna Films are committed to bringing stories that feature gender equality, while also sharing cross-cultural narratives, particularly between China and Australia. Our focus is on nurturing and inspiring positive and productive working relations with business partners, funding bodies and creative professionals in the industry.

In June 2017, Screen Queensland provided Beyond Armarna with a travel grant to attend the Shanghai International Film Festival. Screen Queensland further consolidated its support with a travel grant to the Screen Forever conference in Melbourne in November 2017.

Beyond Armarna currently has a range of current projects underway and owns the intellectual property of these projects.


“We’re bringing cross-cultural narratives to audiences worldwide”

louise lee mei |  Company director

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At the box office

The Chinese box office is already out grossing the US box office. In 2017, total box office sales exceeded 8.59 billion. A Chinese film like Wolf Warriors 2 (2017) for example, generated almost $USD 1 billion within three weeks, and Mermaid (2016) over $USD 500 million within two weeks.

By utilising the official China/Australia co-production treaty and with team members who are fluent in Mandarin, Armarna Films is pushing into this huge market. Our Chinese films are written by Louise and Tony, in English. The draft is then translated into Mandarin by Nicole and Carla before we hire a Chinese screenwriter to accommodate and cross-check the cultural and political aspects of the story.

As with all production companies, we are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting material which fits into our corporate vision and, as our projects begin to roll into production, we will need fresh ideas to keep the company growing.

The films listed in our Chinese slate are intended to be made specifically for the Chinese mainland audience. Once the script is finalised we then acquire the attachment of stars such as Li Bingbing, Angelababy, Lin Yun and attach notable established directors such as Barbara Wong.

It is intended that these films will be made through the official Chinese/Australian co-production treaty, sanctioned by both the Chinese and Australian governments in 2007. This allows for box office receipts to flow into Australia bypassing the Chinese government restriction of capital outflow.